Parkhurst Grey Tweed Adirondack Bear Toque

Parkhurst Grey Tweed Adirondack Bear Toque

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Designed and Made in Canada.

Fabric: 75% Eco Cotton/ 25% Polyester

Care: Machine Wash/ Do Not Bleach/ Tumble Dry Low

Our Canadian knitting mill has been creating the finest quality of easy-care cotton knitwear for decades.  We pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality pieces, with easy comfort and styling.  Our success is simple, we stay true to Canadian designed cotton knitwear in a wide array of colours and designs to complement your lifestyle.

Clothing made from Recover yarns, how does it work?

1. Clothing and garment production waste is collected.

2.  This material is made into new Recover fiber which is then spun into yarns.

3.  These yarns are used to produce knitwear.

4.  Proudly made in Canada these products are eco-friendly and save land, energy and water.